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Interesting places to visit by Scooter

Actualizado: 19 ago 2022


A picturesque town full of magic, music, food, art and nightlife, ideal for surf lovers.


A quiet and relaxing village with the best sunsets in all of Nayarit, considered the "Cultural Capital" of the state of Nayarit thanks to the various initiatives that are carried out to promote culture and education.


The Marina in Puerto Vallarta. The pier is very visited because it is surrounded by restaurants and bars that combine the delight of food with the beautiful view of all the yachts, we recommend you visit it on Thursdays where you can see its food and art market.


The Monkey Hill or Cerro del Mono. Located between Sayulita and Punta de Mita is the town of Higuera Blanca, where thousands of tourists visit it year after year to walk and climb the monkey hill, it is a 1-hour walk to reach the top where you can see the best view from the bay of Punta de Mita.


Marietas Islands or Isla del Amor. Also known as the island of love, it is located 9.5 km southwest of Punta de Mita, it is necessary to go by boat or a boat, you can really take it from any beach but it is best to go directly to Punta de Mita and take the transportation from there. It is considered an ecological sanctuary due to its extensive biodiversity, if you go between November and March you will be able to observe whales and dolphins that jump and accompany you to this romantic beach.

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