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Best scooters and motorcycles to know Nayarit

Actualizado: 24 feb 2023


A luxury motorcycle that will take you through the most complicated roads making them look really easy. If you are an expert driver and you are looking for unlimited fun. With 16.2 hp, 16.50N-m, front and rear disc brakes, halogen lights. It will be the best dual purpose motorcycle you have ever ridden, made in Mexico.

DM 200CC

If you are an expert motorcyclist and you are looking for speed, power and a motorcycle that allows you to enjoy your skills and abilities, this dual purpose is your best option. Standard, 5 speed, 15.5 hp and top speed 110km/hr. You will be able to jump and knock down any obstacle and take it from the mountain to the beach.


This scooter is definitely a daring and classic option to get to know all of Riviera Nayarit, it has an Italian look that will provide you with the speed and versatility you need to go from one place to another.


The romantic blue of this scooter combines perfectly with the sea, the sun and the palm trees. It has metal footrests for the second passenger and an extra trunk in the back to carry your favorite items everywhere.


This scooter has all the power you need to discover new secret beaches and cross difficult roads thanks to the width of its tires, it has a compartment under the seat to store your belongings.

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